• Pneumato pipes combine the advantages of FRP and plastic pipe and eliminate the disadvantage of both materials at the same time.
  • The FRP IS absolutely diffusion tight and reliably prevents oxygen or gases from permeating into the pipe.
  • It compensates and reduce snap – back forces and heat expansion with changes in temperature. KPT Pneumato pipes are being produced with latest German technology at its state of the art manufacturing unit at Dehradun, Uttarakhand, INDIA, KPT Pneumatic pipes has been specially designed for the creation of primary and secondary network for compressed air, neutral gases & vacuum.
  • The FRP allows Pneumato pipes to withstand high working pressure and prevent oxygen and gases from permeating into the pipe. Pneumato pipes are safe and reliable choice for compressed air, gas and oxygen supply.
  • Pneumato pipes consist of an overlapped FRP with an inner and outer layer of polypropylene Random Copolymer ( PPR-C), All the layers are permanently bonded together by adhesive layers. The FRP Thickness of Pneumato pipes has been selected to meet compressive and flexural strength requirements.


  • Very less heat loss due to lesser thermal conductivity
  • Lesser sagging because of very less thermal expansion.
  • High temperature and high pressure with stand capacity due to inbuilt GFR reinforcement layer.
  • Since having 0.1 micron RA value and mirror finish inner surface, 40% to 60% lesser friction compared to other pipe.
  • Reduced thermal expansion will reduce clamping.
  • Style fitting offer a tight, leak free fit.
  • As a result of socket Fusion joint,0% leakage.
  • 60% layer of glass fiber reinforcement in the pipe.
  • Excellent performance with long life in direct sunlight having UV resistant on the upper layer.
  • Reduced linear expansion coefficient, only 1/3 of that of normal PP-R
  • Higher strength and stability of dimension. It Can stand 25% more pressure than PP-R at the same condition
  • Improved resistant to impulse udder low temperature. It can used in 90 dg for a long time
  • With the same condition of pressure, wall thickness of PPR fiberglass pipe is thinner, increasing inner diameter of the pipe, bigger of the air flow.
  • Direct connect with water table within the health of non-toxic, good scalability, no formation of sphagnum.


  • Compressed Air lines for hot and cold air
  • Solar Heaters, under floor heating
  • Effluent Treatment plants ( ETP )
  • Vacuum pipe liners
  • Chilled water Application and air conditioning
  • Instrument Air
  • Nitrogen Gas
  • Chemical Plants and aggressive fluids
  • Industrial water and wastewater
  • Flue-gas Desulfurization
  • Pulp and paper Mills
  • Irrigation
  • Wall Heating
  • Application in the field of ship building
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Suitable usage for more than 400 chemicals
  • Industrial waste Applications
  • Water transmission lines
  • Pressure/forced mains sewers
  • Rehabilitation applicatio
  • Water distribution systems
  • Storm water Drainage
  • Above ground piping
  • Sewage Drainage
  • Re-lining, Slip – lining applications
  • Desalination Plants

Thermal FR + V2 Composite piping (Flame Retardant)

Range Available in: PN 10, PN 16 & PN 20

  • A brand new from the of KPT, we proudly introduce KPT Thermaplus pipes and fittings plumbing system for firefighting lines various other applications.
  • The outer and middle layer of the pipes is being made of flame retardant material which can easily with stand flames for ensuring safe passage for the public at large and excellent performance with long life in direct sunlight having UV resistant on the upper layer.
  • The middle layer glass fiber reinforced with in the two layer of PPRC act as an agent to reduce extension capability and produce durability to high pressure at high temperature.
  • This plumbing system is ideal for all kinds of firefighting lines, Hotels, Malls, Industries, Schools, Residential Apartments etc.
  • KPT Thermaplus piping is preferably advisable to use in highly corrosive chemicals , higher and lower temperature applications as well as types of process and utility applications, soft water , raw water , R.O. water , D.M water etc.
  • KPT brand Thermaplus pipes and Thermal Fittings are having lot of advantages which can overcome the issues like leakages, pressure drop and corrosion – erosion in Metal piping.

Thermaplus Brand of K.P.T.

  • Absolutely Flame Retardant V2 Grade Pipes & fitting.
  • Almost double strength owing to glass Fiber Reinforcement Technology.
  • Higher temperature resistance owing to inbuilt Glass Fiber Reinforcement Layer.
  • Very less Thermal Expansion because of sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement Layer.
  • 50% less clamping requirement compared to PPR Pipes due to Glass Fiber Reinforcement Layer.
  • NIL Maintenance having benefits such as Least Thermal Expansion and Sagging.
  • Owing to Sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement layer, very less sagging gives nice and Aesthetic View to the Pipeline.
  • Negligible Friction loss owing to higher C value – 150 and Least RA Value – 0.1 Micron
  • Socket Fusion joining system guaranteeing 100% Leak proof element in pipes.
  • No obstruction creation inside pipeline which leads to least pressure Drop.
  • 100% Non Corrosive product provides absolutely Corrosion Free piping which does not create any leakage.
  • Up to 5% energy saving owing to least RA Value , higher C Value and 100% leak proof element.
  • Higher flow rate 25% ( bigger ID )
  • Energy saving 25%
  • Thermaplus pipes reduce passive heat loss by around 20% for non-insulted pipe.
  • Chemicals and acid applications
  • 4X lower linear thermal expansion

29+ years of experiences for give you better results.

Akshar Impex is one of the leading manufacturing & trading company since 1992 of the complete range of HDPE / PP / PPR / PPH / PVDF / PVC / CPVC / UHMWPE / PPGL / BRICK LINING WORKS Pipe Fittings and Ball Valve. Our range includes fittings for all sizes ranging from 20 mm to 1000 mm and all pressure classes ranging from PN2.5 to PN 16 Kgs.

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