Flanged joints on pipeline systems are an enormous source of danger and especially Wherver they are used to transport poisonous, flammable or caustic liquids. In case of seal breakage, the result is a danger zone with a diameter of up to 40 meters. In order to reduce this zone to a minimum, flange joints must be provided with a suitable form of spray protection.

  • Spray Protection.
  • Adjustable latching slots, Locking step one type.
  • Installation and removal without tools and auxiliary equipment.
  • No Sliding and removal without tools and auxiliary equipment
  • Materials : Polypropylene, MS RL and stainless steel
  • Shortest delivery time

The FLANGE GUARD is designed as a spray protection ring that uses an adjustable latching slot and a centering ring to prevent the sliding off from the flange joint and with extremely simplified handling steps for guaranteed prevention of dangerous spraying of materials whenever a gasket or seal gives way.

The versatile characteristics that has established this safety device to become the reliable standard equipment of safety – conscious companies


FLANGE GUARD is a simple single joint strap, to be used to fix on the flange joints. It is made of Polypropylene and is durable and has got resistivity for high pressures (about 50 kg / cm2 to 70 kg continues) and high temperature (about 150 degl.c.) It can be used in acids. For that matter on all Solvents.

  • It does not require any hardware for fixing and is very easy to mount. The inside grip prevent it from sliding off from the joint.
  • Available in various sizes. For your specific application, we can help you with the altered material of construction for the flange guard.
  • Polypropylene SIZE: ½” to 3″
  • Stainless Steel SIZE: ½” & 12″
  • High density polyethylene SIZE: ½” TO 12″

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